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Comprehensive Overview of MDS Apple Integration Program
MDS Apple Readiness Review, Pilot, and Assessment

Integrating Apple products offers numerous benefits to companies, and these programs play a crucial role in realizing them. The MDS Apple Readiness Review evaluates existing systems and processes, identifying areas for enhancement.

MDS Apple
Readiness Review

MDS Apple Readiness Review a comprehensive assessment conducted by Apple or its authorized partners at the organizations site, aimed at evaluating an organization’s current infrastructure, systems, and processes to determine their readiness for integrating or enhancing Apple products and services within their business environment.

MDS Apple

MDS Apple Pilot is a limited scope program to determine by the outcomes of the Readiness Review and tests in situ, real-world challenges, gauges user satisfaction and refines deployment strategies before a full-scale rollout. The Pilot typically runs between 80 to 160 hours, based on the scope, and requires the support of the executive sponsor and the structured support of the Security, End-user support team, and involved vendors. The Pilot usually covers the below and any identified issues as highlighted by the Readiness Review.

MDS Apple

MDS Apple Assessment is a two-hour engagement delivered with the intention of gathering information about a customer’s environment and their requirements in an instance where the customer is looking to purchase services. It will cover a small portion of the fact finding that would be covered in a Readiness Review. The Assessment will ideally be delivered in person and will run for two hours involving the IT team, security team and End-user support team.

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