Transform your Educational Institute into a great place for students to learn, with our innovative Apple for Education solutions! Apple products provide refreshing ways to revolutionize your teaching practices and students’ learning experience. We being an Apple Solution Expert (ASE) for Education, help you holistically and seamlessly integrate Apple in your Classroom Environment.


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For a long time, schools have relied on chalk and paper, but Apple has bought about a revolution! The devices provide a new interface for students to experience digital right in their hands. Be it drawing diagrams, accessing videos or studying how to code, learning becomes truly immersive with Apple. Students who shy from boring lessons now keep coming back to their classroom!


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Apple’s suite of educational tools powers more than 20 million teachers around the world. Teachers can move the entire teaching workflow to iPad where they can better manage the course curriculum. This comes in addition to modern age digital lesson, VR Apps, and thousands of open libraries that are just a touch away! The results; Students see the world unfold before their eyes in their classrooms.


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The much-acclaimed productivity of iOS devices, actually finds a perfect fit for educational environments. In other words, iOS is a power-pack for students’ learning needs.

For instance, students can collaborate on presentations, input directly with Apple Pencil and switch between Notes and Pages seamlessly. Got a private lesson? Quickly get on Facetime, open up the chapter in Split View and keep discussing queries in real time. No more worries of carrying hardcopy assignments to school, access everything from the iCloud and get assessment delivered electronically! What more can you ask for?



Digital technology now has the means to empower students with impairments. Make your learning environment all-inclusive by using specialized learning features that Apple devices offer. Use audio clues, haptic feedback output, color optimized displays, that make challenging tasks easier for differently-abled students. This way, you overcome hurdles for every student in your classroom

Readying Apple Devices for use is easy!

Modern solutions such as Apple School Manager makes configuring iPad and Mac a two-mintes job. You can also use Apple’s friendly interface for enrolling students, purchasing resources and managing campus-wide distribution all so conveniently

Let us tell you how

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    Apple School Manager is a centralized portal that allows school’s IT managers to register teachers and members according to their set roles, and permissions. This makes devices management, digital resource management and curriculum sorting much easier.

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    Get the devices ready for use as per the usage goals such as, “a student, a device, or “iPad shared”, all automatically.

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    Make wise purchases, manage distribution efficiently when you purchase apps for iPad and Mac through apple school manager, your education for volume purchase discount applies automatically. And as soon as you make a purchase, simply use your mdm solution to distribute apps and books to classes, teachers, and students who need them.

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    Using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution gears you up to wirelessly configure and manage all your Apple devices. Good news is that Apple School Manager corroborates with your MDM to make tasks like new registrations and device setup automated.

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    Before the class begins, the teacher can assign any shared iPad to any student. Students will immediately know which device to use, their photo will display on the lock screens. They access their personal contents using a password or a code. And because data is stored locally on devices, as soon as they log in, their homework, apps, and class notes appear exactly as they left them.

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    There are a number of MDM solutions to choose from. As an Apple Solution Expert for Education, we support you in choosing the MDM solution based on the needs of your facility. MDS is a Gold Partner with JAMF PRO.

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For more than 15 years, MDS has been offering innovative offers in the Education sector. We help you maintain the project scope with our cost-effective financing models for Apple devices and services. This helps Educational Institutes manage their spending constraints and get the best of Apple as per their resource needs.

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