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We understand that as a teacher, you are always looking out for new ideas to keep your students engaged. And that is why we have put together tips, stories and very helpful material to keep you inspired. We have also created Apple Teacher program to help you get the most from Apple devices products, and celebrate the work you do every day.

Everyone Can Code

In a technology driven landscape, coding is a must. And when you teach coding, you are encouraging skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Everyone Can Code resources gives you the opportunity to help students learn to code in school, after school, and to prepare for college and career.

Everyone Can Create

Every student learns differently, finds inspiration in different places, and communicates ideas in their own way. Designed with the help of educators and creative professionals, Everyone Can Create includes four project guides that introduce the fundamental skills and techniques of drawing, photography, video, and music.

Classroom App

Manage curriculums and control what students see on their devices. With the Classroom App, Teachers can now easily communicate with every device present in a classroom, collectively open the same app for everyone and track lesson progress like never before!

Schoolwork App

IT administrators can quickly enable and managed Apple IDs for students and teachers that work with the Schoolwork app. Teachers can delegate assignments to students from within the educational apps. The delivery and distribution of books is also possible with the Schoolwork app where you won’t even require an the MDM solution.

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