Hone the brilliance of Apple with expert training sessions!

Expert Instructors and resources to get your staff quickly trained on Apple! Whether you’re migrating to Apple devices for Education or simply want your teachers to have Apple technology on their tips, we have your back. Apple for Education entails a whole new package of use cases for students, teachers and IT administrators. Getting a quick overview of the apps, with some detailed briefing sessions on advanced skills will help your staff to put technology to its best use. At MDS, we employ Apple experts who’d personally run your staff through Apple course bundles for Mac, Jamf pro, iPad for Education and more, with dedicated keynotes and training session

Why Apple Training Is a Must For Educational Institutes?

  • Once trained, Teachers would save significant time in getting to speed-up with Apple’s productivity features.
  • Our Apple experts dive deep into the usability of Apple products, helping your staff polish their Mac and iPad skills.
  • Your IT will not only be able to manage devices and software efficiently, but they’ll also spend less time figuring things out.
  • Education-specific scenarios are taught with a detailed curriculum.
  • A roster of highly popular Apple courses such as iWork, macOS support essential, etc.

Browse through some of our trainings listed below.

  • Apple Teacher Bootcamp
  • Introduction to iPad in the Classroom
  • Creating Interactive Learning Material with iPad
  • App Integration in the Classroom
  • Formative Assessment with iPad
  • Elements of Learning
  • Everyone can Code
  • Everyone can Create
  • Storytelling with Augmented Reality
  • Bespoke training sessions

Impart excellence and knowledge, the Apple way!

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