At MDS we recognise that the most successful schools have strong leadership teams. These are made up of Individuals, deeply committed to ensuring that all students who graduate, are ready to thrive in our rapidly-changing world. We can help you lead your school through multiple cycles of innovation to ensure success for generations to come.


Learn how Apple can help teachers use powerful technology both in and out of the classroom. See how to increase your productivity, enhance student engagement and discover new ways of learning and teaching.

IT and Support

The Apple experience starts with deployment. Not only are Apple devices easy to use but they are also easy to set up. We offer you the support you need so that you can integrate iPad and Mac seamlessly into your learning environment.


Parents want the best for their children and they also know their children better than anyone else. Let us show you how we can help families with a range of tools to support learning and help parents manage time and content in learning environments at home.

Education Packages

We know in education that one size never fits all. MDS offers you the freedom to choose between packages that best suit the individual needs of your school.

Life Cycle Management

Upgrading your Apple device to the latest version is much more cost effective with MDS. Our wealth of knowledge and experience ensures that we know how to give our customers the best trade-in price for devices. This ensures that you always have the latest features and are ahead in terms of innovation at your school.

Reaching All Learners

With one in seven students worldwide having a disability that can impact their learning, teachers using Apple technology have found it positively affects diverse learning needs. This ensures that everyone is able to create, communicate and explore the world in new and exciting new ways. We would love to show you how.

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