We believe that learning extends beyond classroom walls. The home is a natural extension of the learning experience and we are committed to ensuring that parents have the right tools to help them with their children’s education.

Privacy and Security

Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of all Apple hardware, software and services. Apple takes an integrated approach to ensure that every aspect of the learning experience has security and privacy built in for teachers, staff and students. For everyone, always.

Privacy and Security for Apple Products in Education

Screen Time and Parental Control

Apple offers parents a range of tools to keep them in the loop when their children are using devices. From tracking app usage to setting limits and exceptions, keeping kids safe on the internet to managing in-app purchases. Powerful tools that are continuously added to ensuring kids use devices in the way that parents want them to.

Parents Learning Zone

Are you looking for resources to support your child at home? Below are some helpful lists and collections curated by Apple. You can also find out more by connecting with us.

Today at Apple Hands-on Sessions at the Apple Store
Learning at home
Life at home
Everyone Can Code Collection
Supporting students with special needs

MDS BYOiPad Portal

A powerful way to explore, create, and learn.

MDS has put in place an online portal to purchase iPad devices for students.
The school will share with us the list of students who need to purchase devices.
Parents will have access to brand new Apple products of the highest quality, from an authorized Apple Solution Expert for Education, at education pricing.

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