What is MDSdeploy?

With MDSdeploy, elevating your school with Apple technology becomes seamless. Ready. Set. Deploy

A seamless user experience to Apple’s standard requires perfect technical and functional integration.

Sometimes you need a bit more of a helping hand to set everything up and get you going. Either remotely, attended on-site or a combination of the two.

We can advise on every aspect of your workflow and the hardware and software it relies on, as well as WiFi, networking and storage, helping you develop a workflow that’s future-proof and free from potential barriers.

A multidisciplinary team, and dedicated Apple support carries out your deployment from A to Z – from App installation to helping you achieve Zero-Touch deployment, Classroom and Schoolwork configuration.

Which MDM Solutions does MDSDeploy offer?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions allow you to configure mobile devices used routinely by your staff. We assist you with your whole MDM setup and deployment journey through partner relationships and industry expertise.

Jamf PRO is a recommended MDM for Apple devices. This can be configured in such a way so that Apple’s DEP and VP programs are integrated. Jamf Pro enables the full feature set of enrolling devices, securing them, deploying content and gathering inventory to give insight in applications installed, configurations pushed and health of the system, etc.

Jamf School is a ready-made MDM for your school which doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them. The Jamf School management system combines three apps: Jamf Teacher, Jamf Parent and Jamf Student with a goal of creating the optimal digital experience, keeping students focused and engaged.

Mosyle Manager is the most complete MDM solution to manage, secure and deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices in Education. Powerful and flexible, Mosyle scales to meet the needs of innovative K12-schools around the world to make your life easier while reducing the overall IT costs.

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