What is MDSmanage?

With MDSmanage, your team can focus on productivity, while we take care of everything else.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Systems will offer a range of benefits to a school, enhancing the productivity and learning experiences for all those concerned. However, we also realize that it is not always easy to manage the process. Rest assured we are here to support you every step of the way managing all aspects of your infrastructure so that you can take advantage of what Apple technology has to offer.

With our unique and tailored services, your employees will have efficient access to their ready-to-use Apple devices. With the help of our certified Apple experts, we implement suitable solutions to manage your Apple devices in a centralised and personalised manner within your School.

What does MDSmanage include and how is it cost effective?


Monthly Device
Asset Report


Quarterly OnSite
MDM Health Check

Free Application
Packaging (Mac only)

3 Hours Target
Response Time

Helpdesk Instances

Classroom and
Schoolwork Configuration

Profiles and Policies

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