Apple products empower teachers to explore their subjects more deeply and inspire them to develop their own  practices in new ways. Explore the diverse programmes and curricula which are made by Apple educators, for all educators.

Apple Teacher Program

Apple Teacher is a free professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators who use Apple products for teaching and learning. The self-paced learning journey helps educators build skills on iPad and Mac and earn recognition for the new things they learn. It’s easy, flexible, fun and inspiring — just the way professional learning should be.

Be inspired to make the most of Apple technology in the classroom and become an AppleTeacher. MDS will help you kick-start the Apple Teacher program in your school. Our team of Apple Professional Learning Specialists will come to your school and facilitate an Apple Teacher Bootcamp, it is a fun and engaging event to introduce teachers to the program and get them started on the Apple Teacher journey.

Teaching Tools

When you sign up for Apple Teacher, you’ll start a self-paced journey through the Apple Teacher Learning Center, a personalized online learning experience that you can access from anywhere!

The program is a great way for schools and local authorities to offer free professional learning that their staff can work through together. Whether you’re new to Apple products or have been using them for years, whether you have a single device or one for every student – Apple Teacher has the tools you need to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners.

Reaching All Learners

Apple products are designed with features to empower students of all abilities. Apple believes every student has the right to a quality education — an education that’s creative, collaborative, engaging and relevant. And technology can enable and allow all students, with every type of learning style, to explore and open new doors to possibilities.

Apple’s approach to accessibility is different from many other companies. Accessibility is part of the hardware, software and operating system design process so it’s an integral element of the user experience. The breadth and depth of accessibility features have been built to address a wide array of special needs and help students who experience challenges with vision, hearing, motor skills, and learning and literacy.

At MDS, we work closely with schools and special needs centers to put the best assistive solutions into the hands of students, teachers and specialists. Apple Professional Learning Specialists and accessibility experts will skillfully create a tailored professional learning program designed to up skill your team.

Teaching Code

When you teach code, you’re also teaching logic, creativity and problem-solving – essential skills for the future. The Everyone Can Code curriculum from Apple introduces students to the world of coding through interactive puzzles, playful characters and activities designed for use both in and out of the classroom.

With Swift Playgrounds on iPad, along with helpful guides, students can immerse themselves in coding puzzles that strengthen their critical-thinking skills. From the start, they’ll learn to code in Swift – the same programming language used by professionals to build powerful apps.

Our coding professional learning sessions provide opportunities for all levels, from writing your first line of code to flying a drone.

Develop in Swift

The Develop in Swift curriculum teaches students Swift, a powerful and intuitive open-source programming language included with the Xcode programming environment on Mac. It’s the same language professional developers are using in the fast-growing app economy to make apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and beyond. The Develop in Swift curriculum is great for teaching students new to coding, as well as for advancing those with previous experience.

At MDS, we help your school get started with Swift Playgrounds. Teachers with little or no previous experience in coding will learn how to utilize the teaching resources in the Develop in Swift program and how to integrate coding into different subject areas. Perhaps you want to run an after-school coding club or host an app showcase. let us show you how.

Everyone Can Create

Ignite creativity by giving teachers fun and meaningful ways with the Everyone Can Create Curriculum. Apps like Garageband, iMovie, Keynote, Clips and Swift Playgrounds help elevate the learning experience to whole new levels and give students the tools they need to develop and communicate their ideas. With over 300 integration ideas, teachers can use drawing, music, video and photography with iPad in every subject.

Let us help you discover how to spark curiosity and nurture creativity through iPad and our eclectic line of workshops designed to allow students to express themselves in the best way they can.

Apple Professional Learning

We understand the significance of continued and timely professional learning. Our aim is to craft and facilitate a bespoke training plan which is created to specifically meet your teachers needs. All our workshops are facilitated by Apple Professional Learning Specialists. They are educators uniquely qualified to demonstrate how to best use Apple products for learning and teaching. They coach, mentor and support teachers in advancing their technology skills with an emphasis on innovation — to engage students in deeper learning.

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