With AppleCare for Enterprise, Apple experts work side by side with your team to help keep all your Apple devices — and your IT operations — running smoothly. AppleCare for Enterprise has your business covered.
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What do you get with AppleCare for Enterprise?
Helpdesk and Employee Support
Direct dial-in phone number
1-to-1 support for any issue related to Apple hardware or software
Unlimited coverage for personal accounts, settings and devices
24/7 support
Hardware Coverage
Covers iPhone, iPad, Mac and Mac Studio Display
iPhone 2 or 3 years | iPad 2, 3 or 4 years | Mac 3 or 4 years | Studio Display 3 or 4 years
Additional device repair or replacement.
Repair up to 4% Mac or Studio Display, or up to 10% iPhone or iPad at no additional fee.
Operating System Support
Standard Plan Select Plan Preferred Plan Alliance Plan
Incidents per year 1 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Response Time 1hr (24/7) 4hrs (12/7) 2hrs (12/7) 1hr (24/7)
Helpdesk Support Unlimited (12/7) Unlimited (12/7) Unlimited (12/7) Unlimited (12/7)
Dedicated Support - -
AC Customer
Success Manager
AC Customer
Success Manager
Qualifying Criteria
200 enrolled devices (devices can be mixed)
Corporate owned devices
Purchased with device or within 12 months of purchase
Purchased AC+ can be converted, contact us to check if you are eligible