Using a Mac wherever you are, whatever you do makes perfect sense.

Mac Desktop

The MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro brings a whole new level of performance to business. Speed through pro-level jobs with eighth- or ninth-generation Intel Core processors. The Apple T2 Security Chip and Touch ID help keep your data safe. And with macOS, you’ll have powerful software designed for all the ways you work. So you can go anywhere a great idea takes you.

3 Things you may not know about Mac…

Mac Desktop

The total cost of ownership of Mac is the same or less expensive than competitive PCs.

Diverse organisations have experienced lower costs with Mac. Lower support costs and high trade-in value are two of the key reasons why.

Mac is easy to deploy.

Apple Business Manager works seamlessly with your MDM solution so Mac can be automatically configured with your policies, apps and more at setup.

Mac is easy to deploy
Mac is a great platform for productivity

Mac is a great platform for productivity.

They run apps that employees use every day, like Microsoft Office. It also supports modern in-house apps and innovative new business apps. Dozens of accessibility features are standard in macOS.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The strength of Mac at work is unparalleled, this is especially important when you are thinking about the Mac's lifecycle compared to competitor products. It’s also important to think about the tangible benefits and measurable costs that occur when employees use Mac — and how those benefits significantly affect a company’s budget and cost structure.

Mac Features
  • Ease of use
  • Increased Productivity
  • Kudos when recruiting and retaining employees
  • Seamless network integration
  • Easy device recycling
  • Fewer resources for deployment and setup
  • Higher residual value
  • Lower IT support costs
  • Free and secure OS upgrades
  • No fees for device recycling and removal