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Apple is a great, secure fit for enterprise

From leading Enterprise clients to Fortune 500s. Apple is now a firm fixture in enterprise environments. Thanks to powerful, intuitive software, strong security and seamless integration, businesses are empowering their end users with iPad, Mac, iPhone and apps to help transform the way they work. Besides, here are a few more reasons to use Apple@Enterprise:


Enterprise performance guaranteed

You don’t want your employees to be struggling with laggy PCs or frequent burnouts when workload kicks in. Apple products are game changers for providing business-readiness no matter how intensive your machine needs are.


Top-class enterprise mobility

Apple has done some great work in making the whole iOS and macOS environments highly seamless. You can move data and apps between devices like a cake walk.



Enjoy the super friendly User Experience in your company’s devices. iOS and macOS are curated to make the human-machine interaction as smooth as possible, removing complex operational challenges.


Longer hardware lifecycles

Apple products last longer and offer a great Return-on-Investment for an organization. It also cuts on hassles of upkeep and time-to-time hardware replacements that are not so good for business productivity.


Business security

Apple boasts some of the most stringent security standards to all its customers that have important business implications. Data breach and cyber attacks account for catastrophic business losses each year. Adopting Apple is one step closer to all-round security built directly into the core of your business IT functions.

The Apple platform


iPhone for business

iPhone has become incredibly popular with business, thanks to big benefits including iOS’s tight security, productivity features and apps, as well as the desirability factor for the hardware. It also works seamlessly with Mac and iPad for a unified experience.


Mac for business

Achieve more with Mac – powerful, secure and flexible system for your business. From sending emails to creating stunning business presentations and documents, Mac lets users do everything they need right out of the box.


iPad for business

iPad brings impressive mobility and freedom to your hands. You can run business apps, manage communication, and still stay productive from anywhere and at any time. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features and rock-solid stability, iPad provides the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways.

Why make MDS CTS your Apple for enterprise fulfillment partner?

We have a lot of reasons!


Profitable reseller procurement

We’re an Apple Authorized Reseller and Systems Integrator in UAE, offering a lot of advantages to Enterprise clients. We make procurement a lot simpler, offer better support on financing and provide in-house professionals for all your service needs. In a nutshell, we extend Apple’s goodness with value-added services that deliver on Enterprise expectations.


End-to-end apple ecosystem integration

Do you have Apple devices currently running at your workplace, or you’d like to install new ones? We manage all your hardware and network integration needs, in order to get Mac’s, iPad, iPhone, MacBook up-and-running as per your IT setup. Everything from data migration, to portal setup, to server integration is included.


Cost-effective fulfillment models

We offer convenient fulfillment with the help of cost-effective models which include:


Care and Support

Technical Failures can happen out of the blue but a quick addressal and highly available support is the key to your business continuity. MDS CTS has a team of IT experts and support professionals who will get you through all kinds of technical roadblocks in no time. This helps you avoid downtimes or lapse in productivity.

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