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Working with an Airline to deploy an Electronic Flight Bag to all its pilots, we leverage our partnership with Apple, and several mobility solutions, to deliver the best results to our customers. Each industry requires a different set of tools and solutions and we’re here to help you find the best solution that meets your requirements.


With Apple, medical professionals are able to administer an unprecedented amount of personalized care. Utilizing apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Apple products are helping medical professionals streamline their paperwork and detailed record-keeping tasks so they can focus on the important responsibilities requiring their attention.
Our healthcare solutions partners enable your healthcare professionals to have more time to give to those in need.


BeagleBoxx helps hospitals offer patient supervision, entertainment and independence – all through one platform. Always keep the patient informed about their treatment path and day schedules. Even when nobody is there. Make the stay for each patient equally comfortable through a varied range of entertainment. Just like home. Let the patient be in control and save time for the carers through meal options, the servicing of room functions and more.


Scandit helps Healthcare organizations automate manual workflows as well as comply with regulations. Clinicians will have more time to care for patients and tend to their immediate needs. Verification of patient details through high-performance mobile scanning, as well as monitoring medications and locations of medical supplies when needed, allows medical professionals the time necessary to best serve their patients and communities.


FutureNova iPhone and iPad cases are specifically made for hospital environments. These Medical Grade cases are designed for very high infection control areas, with a shatter-proof film and a case that is built to resist harsh infection control chemicals, such as bleach.
Cases can also withstand wear and tear, and the unique glass shield is scratch and shatter proof, while also being sensitive enough to respond to the touch of hands wearing surgical gloves.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas and Utilities companies use Apple devices to improve the productivity of their field engineers and employees and to improve safety in the workplace. Apple devices help them streamline and digitize their workflows while offering a great user experience to their employees.


We partnered with Xciel to provide you with Explosion-Proof, Non-Incendive, Intrinsically safe iPhone and iPad covers to make Apple devices safe to operate in any potentially hazardous environment. Xciel cases also offer protection against dust, shocks, vibrations and water in outdoor and indoor environments and ensures that your Apple device can go anywhere you can.


Retail professionals are highly mobile, and Apple devices are built with this concept in mind allowing critical information to be just a tap away. Apple products offer great user experience for all retail associates which is one of the main reasons why Apple devices and iOS are being adopted by retail workers and retail companies. Apple devices help them deliver a great shopping experience which reflects positively on their productivity levels.


Scandit is a high-performance barcode scanning software that helps retailers move toward automation of end-to-end retail operations. Retailers are able to use Scandit software to enable self-scanning apps for self-checkout and Scan-and-Go shopping. And Augmented Reality feedback blends digital technology with physical store environments, and provides real-time information to users.

ZAGG Business / Mophie mobile pay

Today’s workforce relies on mobile devices to increase their focus, capabilities, connections, and productivity. iPad, and iPhone devices allow us to work from anywhere, communicate with anyone, and access almost any information we need.
That’s why we partnered with ZAGG Business solutions to bring you the power, protection, and accessories you need to help you make the most of your mobile device investment. The mophie mobile pay solutions for example is an innovative mPOS system that allows any associate to be a checkout point. Designed to work with your existing POS system, mobile pay offers a customizable mobile payment ecosystem that fits just about every need and allows for all payment methods.

Infinite Peripherals

Infinite Peripherals are the leaders in Enterprise Mobility. We partnered with them since their goal is to revolutionize retail with next-generation mobile payment and scanning solutions. They offer the latest technology supporting omnichannel, secure payments, inventory control, and a personalized guest experience.

Hospitality - Food & Beverage

MDSF&B is a complete iOS F&B solutions. It is a unique service, tailored to the needs of the industry, to make your life easier inside and outside the kitchen, as well as the dining room. We also work with several Hotels in the region to help them leverage iPad, iPhone and Apple TV to improve the customer experience in the rooms and their restaurants as well as streamlining their maintenance and turndown schedules.

Dual Link

Every facet of your business controlled with a single finger. Dual Link is an iOS solution that includes all the necessary tools to manage your F&B business. Dual Link are the only company that deliver the full potential of the iPad as a POS and can bind and synchronize an iPhone or iPad without servers. The iPad becomes the only server you need.

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