Make your iOS mobility project a smart investment by leveraging our innovative MDS life cycle management solutions. Unlock the unique residual value of your Apple products by taking advantage of our generous Trade-In program, flexible leasing and as-a-service solutions as well as B2B or BYOD procurement portals and virtual warehousing capabilities.

Procurement Solutions

Each company has a different process when it comes to procuring devices. For this reason, we have put in place a number of procurement solutions that will help you streamline this process and ensure the availability of your Apple products when you need them most. You can leverage our framework agreements to take advantage of our corporate prices and buffer stocks. We can also give you access to our B2B and BYOD portals to help your procurement teams and employees streamline their ordering process.

Leasing and Affordability

Leasing is a smart way for businesses to use Apple in the workplace without burning a hole in your budget. Everything from device procurement to the end-of-lease collection is taken care of. Our leasing solution provides you with greater control over your cash flow and your budget. It also provides you with the right level of support and options to purchase the devices at the end of lease.

Trade-In Program

Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and Apple product announcements by taking advantage of the high residual value on Apple products and our MDS Trade-In program. We provide you with a fair market price for your existing devices which translates into a credit toward your next purchase.

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