A lot of forward-thinking organizations believe in offering their employees the ability to work from wherever they want, on the devices they want. In fact, improving employee experience is top of mind for the Human Resource and IT departments of any organization.

Benefits of introducing Mac at Work
We conducted a survey of over 600 employees within our group to gauge intertest and know their inclination towards Mac.
said it’s easy to use
find a Mac reliable
feel creative
said Mac at work makes them more productive
will choose a Mac as their corporate laptop if given the choice
Providing flexibility and choice in the workplace

Flexibility and choice are central to making employees more engaged and satisfied, and that means enabling them to use the devices they know and love. Employees also expect self-service access to the apps they need to do their jobs, and a consistent experience no matter where they are or the device they are using.

The growing preference for Apple in the workplace

Apple products are well suited for business because they are simple and intuitive, yet powerful, secure, and easy to deploy. Whether it’s Mac, iPad, or iPhone, Apple products enable creative problem-solving and provide seamless experiences that enhance employee productivity.

MDS Mac Employee Choice programe

As Mac adoption grows, organizations must embrace a new, unified model for configuring, provisioning, and managing devices. Otherwise they will always be worried about the cost and complexity that comes with using separate systems for multiple devices and platforms.

Keeping this in view, and with a strong believe that Mac is best suited for Business, MDS CTS has launched Mac Employee Choice Program. We have a long history of provisioning Apple devices in the workplace and have launched a program that helps organizations deploy Mac with ease.

Success Story
Watch how we successfully launched the program within our own company

MDS launched the Mac @ MDS Choice Program for its own employees. We
believe our employees do their best when they have access to the best tools, and therefore
when a new employee joins our organization, or any existing employee is due for a
corporate laptop refresh, they have the ability to choose a MacBook as their corporate laptop.

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