The Future of Learning At Al Ittihad National Private School

Collaborative tools and a mindset for the future allows students to excel in their educational pursuits

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 22 June 2023 – Al Ittihad National Private School in Abu Dhabi announces its partnership with MDS Apple Practice, an Apple Authorised Education Specialist in the UAE to revolutionize the learning and teaching experience for students and teachers alike. The partnership highlights Al Ittihad Private National School as an Apple Distinguished School, applying Apple technology as a learning tool to build a generation ready to take on the 4th industrial revolution.

The inclusion of iPads allows Al Ittihad to build a connected environment for students and teachers, coupled with easy access to digital textbooks, enrichment programs, and easier communication with educators. Students are also able to work together much more efficiently and can build on each other’s ideas through collaborative apps such as Keynote.

The partnership is also crucial in helping to overcome the learning gap between boys and girls that is seen in most schools.

“In every region of the world, and in almost every country, underachievement in boys is a major challenge,” said Ms. Ghazwa Mohammed, Vice Principal – Al Ittihad. “Our school was no different and the gender gap was wide. Our action research program strongly indicates that today our boys have deeper learning experiences, and this had had a direct impact on their achievement. This is largely thanks to iPad through the support of our technology partners and the support of our teachers.”

Ms. Hanan Hass Instructional Technology Manager – Al Ittihad “Our school and our strong Emirati culture empowers us to focus on preserving the UAE National heritage and promoting the students’ national identity. It was important to come up with a strong technology vision that encourages and enables everyone to be part of this change from parents to leadership, from teachers to students. “Kellina Negdar,” which means “We all can” in Emirati dialect, is our technology vision that motivates the feeling of ownership and responsibility within the community.”

“As an Apple Education Specialist partner, we understand that this journey starts with the teachers,” commented George El Habel, Apple Practice Lead – MDS Computers. “We help teachers stay current with new pedagogy, instructional design, and technology through a multi-layered approach to professional development. We believe that ongoing professional learning is the foundation for improving instructional practice.”

The newly introduced iPads will allow Al Ittihad to use Apple technologies and apps for the greater good of learning, and take a proactive approach to equip students with the skills and competencies needed for the future. Through this partnership, Al Ittihad is actively shaping a generation that is poised to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with confidence and competence.

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