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Integrate Apple into your workplace in a way that really makes an impact!


How many of your business decisions are taken without prior planning and analysis?


None, right? Therefore no reason for why your Apple adoption decision should be limited to just purchase and deployment. MDS CTS joins hands with your workplace and staff to figure out an effective solution design, that will optimally fulfill all your organizational needs. This is done via careful analysis of your present tech infrastructure, understanding scope for improvement, and present challenges. The result is an optimized plan for integrating Apple into your organization covering functional, user experience, technical and monetary aspects. How MDS CTS adds value? Through our team of Apple certified Experts and 15 years of industry experience, we are equipped with the necessary knowledge required for the transformation you seek from Apple technology.

Deployment Services

Get your Apple devices up and running in minutes with our reliable and lightning fast deployment services!

Zero-Touch deployment

MDS is enabled by Apple to provide Zero-Touch deployment – which helps set up several Apple devices within an organization as soon as they are taken out of the box! Zero-Touch Deployment quickly readies all your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV devices and the laborious task of configuring accounts for each device at a time is reduced to a minimum.

Apple Deployment Program

Apple Deployment Program provides provision for automating the device setup process with the help of Mobile Device Management (MDM). This enables you to control several devices in your workplace while they’re being configured as per your requirements. Skip configuration screens that are not part of your setup roaster and quickly gear up the devices to be used as soon as they’re unboxed.

MDM also comes with automatic enrollment for all iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. Gain better control over each device by easily pushing the required configuration settings to enrolled devices and manage user devices as well, via MDM.

Device enrolment has been further simplified Apple Business Manager, giving you a friendly way to deploy corporate-owned Apple devices. With Apple Deployment Program, you can automate the device enrollment process in MDM without physically picking up devices for configuration.

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager lets you obtain a comprehensive and centralized control over all your Apple devices, especially for deployment and setup. It integrates with your MDM solution, opening up provision for managing roles, distributing and purchasing content, enrolling devices and managing administration.

Further, Apple Device Manager also encompasses Apple Deployment Program and Volume Purchase Program making it ever so easy to deploy all kinds of iOS and Mac devices within your workplace.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

VPP is a business-oriented solution for finding, buying and distributing digital content for modern workplaces. It allows access to Apps, books and third-party B2B solutions that add value to your organization. Purchasing becomes simpler using VPP while enabling you to hand-out the content to relevant teams in your office via redeemable codes.

The MDM steps in, to allow, disallow and track access to all the purchased content as desired, while you retain full ownership of your purchases.

App development

Tie business process end-points and productivity KPIs together into profitable Apps for your enterprise!

In business environments, inefficient internal or external processes often lead to decreased productivity and sales, and hence compromised profits. All of which can be easily resolved using customized Apps for handling highly specific processes that otherwise can’t be managed with generic solutions.

For instance, enterprises are introducing Mobile Apps for tracking project progress for remote employees and means for customers to access support using chat and VoIP.

This way, enterprises can ensure the confidentiality of business data and automate micro-processes exactly how they wish to, avoiding inefficient workarounds.

Advantages of Custom Apps for Your Business

Infrastructure Deployment

Let’s BUILD a winning IT platform for your business to take off!

Enterprise Network and Security

Setup a robust IT network at your workplace powered by the security features of OS X. MDS CTS resolves the need for an always-active enterprise network that could easily manage data flow in your workplace, while also provide a foundation for enterprise Apps to be deployed.

Our engineers assist with the end-to-end setup of wireless systems including network routers, switches, and hubs as per organizational needs. We help your organization networking get off-ground with fully managed infrastructural development.

Building a strong layer of security on the top of your enterprise network is inevitable. And we tighten the grip over the security protocols using OS X built-in encryption, data handling, and authentication methods.


Enabling efficient ways to collaborate internally is a top priority for enterprises. While this can be done in multiple ways, MDS CTS helps you choose the best solution for collaboration that comprehensively connects disparate endpoints in your office with each other.

We deploy, as well as set up the necessary tools for collaboration. Whether from Apple’s business productivity apps or other 3rd party solutions, we build a strong collaborative experience for employees and customers with Video Conferencing, VoIP, FaceTime, and iCloud integration.

Datacenter and Virtualization

Deploy on-premise data centers or access public clouds for hosting business applications for your workplace. We manage the full process of setup, integration, and initiation of data centers as per your business needs.

What is covered:

Readiness Review

Are you extracting the full benefit of using Apple at work? How to tell? Our Readiness Review will help you measure Apple performance down to each device and recommend the best strategies for the highest possible value generation using Apple.

Our Apple certified experts execute a full run-down of your IT infrastructure to measure performance based on several criteria. We test your:

With on-site consultation and full assessment reports, we help you fix the loop-holes that are abstaining your organization from achieving the performance it has been vouched for with Apple!

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