The environmental challenges Apple faces today are significant, and Apple is responding with urgency and dedication. Apple approaches its work by focusing on fundamental questions: What matters most? And where can Apple make the greatest impact? These questions guide Apple’s work across its strategic pillars of climate change, resources, and smarter chemistry  and inform Apple’s goals in how it can best achieve change. Apple knows it’s not alone in working to reduce its environmental footprint. So Apple is engaging with others to support its efforts and find opportunities to lift local communities along the way.

MDS Computers supports Apple’s commitment to making all of their products carbon neutral by 2030

The efforts that support this goal require innovations at scale like designing and implementing new technologies, mobilizing innovative financing, and rapidly deploying renewable energy.


Apple is already carbon neutral for its corporate operations, and Apple has set a goal to become carbon neutral for its entire product footprint by 2030. Apple plans to get there by reducing its emissions by 75 percent compared with 2015, and then investing in carbon removal solutions for the remaining emissions.


Through chemistry innovation and rigorous controls, Apple designs its products to be safe for anyone who assembles, uses, or recycles them and to be better for the environment.


Apple aims to make durable, long-lasting products and packaging using only recycled or renewable materials, and Apple is committed to enhancing material recovery. At the same time, Apple is committed to stewarding water resources and sending zero.


As the only Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller, MDS Computers supports Apple in engaging with others on its environmental work. Apple can achieve an even greater impact that considers communities around the world. Apple learns from feedback and works with partners to influence change in its industries. And Apple is transparent about its challenges and achievements to inspire others to take their own action

Apple's Climate Change Goals and progress

Achieve carbon neutrality for our entire carbon footprint, including products, by 2030. And reduce related emissions by 75% compared with fiscal year 2015

Established the $200M Apple Restore Fund with the aim of removing over 1M metric tons of carbon per year

40% emissions reduction since 2015 across our value chain

23M metric tons of emissions avoided in fiscal year 2021 alone due to carbon reduction initiatives across our value chain

Become carbon neutral for corporate operations

Achieved since April 2020 by implementing energy efficiency initiatives, sourcing 100% renewable electricity for Apple facilities, and securing carbon offsets for the remaining corporate emissions

Transition Apple's entire manufacturing supply chain to 100% renewable electricity by 2030

As of March 2022, 213 suppliers have committed to 100% renewable electricity for Apple production, representing the majority of Apple’s direct worldwide spend for materials, manufacturing, and assembly of products

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