Jamf 200

The JAMF 200 Course (formerly Certified Casper Technician) builds upon the features learned in the JAMF 100 Course and takes a deeper, more hands-on approach to Apple device management with JAMF Pro.

Introduction to the Jamf Pro server
Building and managing content (.pkg, .mpkg, and .dmg packages) for deployment to macOS devices
Enrolling macOS and iOS devices using automated MDM enrollment Setup and configuration of macOS and iOS devices
Configuring the user environment (Configuration Profiles, .plist)
Security for macOS and iOS devices
Purchasing and distributing App Store apps using the Volume Store
Scripting overview (Bash) Initial setup and refreshing/reimaging macOS and iOS devices
Ownership and permissions (POSIX, ACE/ACL) on macOS devices

Jamf 300


The Jamf 300 Course (formerly Certified Casper Admin) builds on the IT professional’s knowledge of Jamf Pro and the macOS/iOS platforms. The course applies a scenario and challenge-based examination for the management of Apple devices.

Security management workflows
Patch Management
Advanced Packaging
Shell Scripting
Jamf Pro API
Advanced policies
Self Service Customization/Branding
Jamf Pro
Infrastructure (Sites, Network Segments, Distribution Points)

Jamf 400

The Jamf 400 Course (formerly Certified Casper Expert) strengthens and expands the IT professional’s skill set with Jamf Pro and macOS. The course takes a deep dive into macOS management through real-world, challenge-based scenarios.

Infrastructure integration for scalable deployments
Advanced Jamf Pro API usage
Expert level management workflows
Advanced Scripting

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